Makeup Artists can have fun too!

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A little about me…

All work and no play can make anyone’s life feel uninspiring.  My husband and I love to have fun.  Occasionally, we like to act silly…the hubster tends likes to act sillier than I on most outings.  *wink wink*  Anyway, this was the perfect time to not have to be so formal.  Yelp had an event called the Tackiest Prom Ever and my awesome friend Daisy, who is also the owner of WhiteHot Hawaii, invited me to this fantabulous event.  At first, I didn’t want to go because well, I’m a makeup artist, I don’t have tacky clothes!!  But she wore me down and I am ashamed to say that I ended up finding something in my own closet.  For my hair, I tried to bring back the side pony and wave…I didn’t have a crimper so I opted for a couple of micro braids…hahaha… And my makeup was just very…pink.  I did airbrush myself for that flawless look but what can I say…I do beauty makeup.  Anyway, we had a blast!  Too bad we don’t have any full length pictures but maybe it’s better that way.  😉